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Leangkollen Security Conference 2024

The Norwegian Atlantic Committee

The Leangkollen Security Conference 2024 will take place in the Oslo University Aula on February the 5th and 6th. The title of this year's Conference is: "NATO 75 - Past, Present, and Future".

You can watch the full conference by visiting our Youtube-channel:

Welcome to the 59th annual Leangkollen Security Conference!

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Leangkollen Security Conference 2024. This year the title is «NATO 75: past, present, and future – Transatlantic Security in an Era of Strategic Competition and a Year of US Elections».

As NATO is turning 75, this year’s conference will look at NATO through time, and draw on the past and present to analyze what the future of the alliance will look like.

NATO’s anniversary takes place in a time of multiple crises and conflicts, most prominently Russia’s war in Ukraine, which has great implications for the present and future global order. NATO’s ability to protect its members by adapting to changing geopolitical landscapes has been the essence of the Alliance. Moving forward, what specific initiatives should the Washington Summit take to meet the challenges of a more competitive age? As we head closer to the next US general elections, the conference will also look at what implications a new US administration might have, both on the transatlantic relationship, and on NATO as a military alliance. As the war in Ukraine has pushed Moscow closer to Beijing, the US is increasingly divided between two fronts. Will the US and its NATO allies be able to stand united with Ukraine for «as long as it takes»? And as the US is increasingly shifting focus away from Europe and possibly NATO, Europe must take more responsibility for its own security. Will the key European actors be able to align their diverging security interests?

Lastly, the war in Ukraine has brought about unity and NATO enlargement. This has fundamentally changed the security dynamic of NATO’s Northern flank, and around Norway more specifically. How will the changed security dynamics of the Nordic region affect NATO? And how should Norway adapt to a new security environment?

We hope that you will join us for a timely conference in a year of significant changes and tensions, by registering for the Leangkollen Security Conference 2024!