Hopp til hovedinnhold

Save the date for the Leangkollen Security Conference 2022!

Den norske Atlanterhavskomité
The University Aula, Karl Johans gate 47, Oslo
Foto: Den norske Atlanterhavksomité

The conference title is "The Hour of Europe? The Future of Transatlantic Relations and European Security". 

The program will follow and registration will open soon. For now, please save the date!

The Leangkollen Security Conference will in February focus on the shifting dynamics in the transatlantic relationship. NATO is currently in a forward-looking reflection process to make the alliance even stronger by developing a new Strategic Concept, NATO 2030, that will be launched at the NATO Summit in June next year. At the same time EU is discussing its Strategic Compass. In both processes EU's strategic autonomy is debated, a concept that has gained increased attention in the wake of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the new AUCUS deal and a US government that wants Europe to increasingly take responsibility for its regional defence and security. All of this is requiring Europe and NATO to reshuffle and think new.

NATO’s Strategic Concept and the EU’s Strategic Compass will set the course for the two organizations’ military planning for the next decade, but will they fit together? Can the EU’s quest for autonomy coexist with a strong transatlantic alliance? Or will the two documents set a new framework for transatlantic cooperation?

All of this, and more, will we discuss at the Leangkollen Security Conference 2022.

Stay tuned!