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TAG Ukraine Strategy 2023

The Norwegian Atlantic Committee

"The Russia-Ukraine war is entering its second and potentially decisive year with the outcome still uncertain. Now is the time to review western goals and consider the scope and parameters of a strategy sufficient to achieve them. That is the purpose of the TAG Ukraine strategy 2023".

Friday February 24, marks one year since Russia invaded Ukraine and started a brutal and ruthless war of aggression against an independent, sovereign European state. Together with The Alphen Group (TAG), The Hague Center for Strategic Studies (HCSS), and the Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI), we in The Norwegian Atlantic Committee (DNAK) are pleased to share with you “A Comprehensive Strategy to Secure Ukraine’s Future” (link provided below). The Strategy has been prepared over several months under leadership of Prof. Julian Lindley-French with discussions between experts from fifteen democracies, including Australia and Japan. Signatories, inter alia, include one former NATO Secretary-General, two Deputy Secretaries-General, three former NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commanders, former ministers, several Chiefs of Defence Staff, and senior diplomats, as well as many subject matter experts all of whom are members of The Alphen Group*. Our aim is simple: to secure a legitimate peace for Ukraine as quickly as possible and secure that peace going forward.

Link to read the full strategy: TAG Ukraine Strategy 2023

Information about TAG: TAG represents decades of advanced thinking and doing at the highest levels. TAG share a profound concern about European security and defence. Therefore, TAG has come together to seek solutions for a more secure Europe. The Alphen Group's aim is to move beyond the discussion culture in Europe that so rarely sees words become action and offer leaders a grounded vision for our future security and defence.

*Our Secretary General, Kate Hansen Bundt, is a member of TAG.