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Army Summit 2018

Hæren og DNAK
Ridehuset, Akershus Festning

Land power in the High North and the Arctic

Today, the world faces a multitude of challenges which also have an impact on the High North and the Arctic. The 2018 Army Summit will focus on how a changing security environment affects the land domain in these regions.

Can Norway live up to its role as NATOs Northern Flank and deliver a credible plan to reach the two percent GDP target? Will Norway be able to meet NATOs requirement and deliver a fully mechanised brigade? Furthermore, what dynamics are evolving among state actors in the Arctic region - a region rich in resources ranging from minerals, oil and gas, to fish and seafood - in addition to several operational and security constraints? What will it take to safeguard peace and stability in this area in uncertain times?

These are just some of the questions we will discuss at the Norwegian Army Summit in Oslo on the 18th of September.

Key note speakers

Frank Bakke-Jensen (NO), Minister of Defence

Lieutenant General Robert F. Hedelund (US), Commanding General, II Marine Expeditionary Force

Major General Charles Stickland OBE (UK), Commandant General Royal Marines

Captain Kent Peter Rønshøj and Sergeant Frederik Lauritz Oxlund (DK), Joint Arctic Command Greenland

Dmitriy Tulupov (RU), Senior lecturer, St. Petersburg State University

Kate Hansen Bundt, the Norwegian Atlantic Committee
Tove Gravdal, Morgenbladet
Martine Aurdal, Dagbladet
Frithjof Jacobsen, VG

For more information and the full list of speakers, please visit the Army Summit’s webpage.

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Please note that the entire Summit will be held in English.