Over the years, the Atlantic Committee has issued a number of various printed publications. Today, we have three written publications: 'Security Policy Library',  'Security Brief' and 'Security Insight.' The first two texts are printed as separate booklets and posted in electronic form here on our website, while the latter is only published digitally. Bear in mind that only publications in English will be published on this page, while you can find the total overview here.
You can receive our publications through a membership. The price for a one-year subscription is 300 NOK, which is meant only to cover postal expenses. You will receive Security Policy Library and Security Brief directly from the printing press, before it is posted on our website.

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We also provide online 'weekly analysis' on current events, written by a broad range of experts  mainly in Norwegian.

Security Policy Library 


NATO 3.0
Julian Lindley-French


The China Factor in EU-US Relations: Fault Lines and Futures
Mercy A. Kuo

 2-2018 Macron's France in the World: Strategic Challenges and a Narrow Path 
Frédéric Charillon
 1-2018 Russia Challenges the West: 2014-2018
Geir Flikke
 2-2017 Cybered Influence Operations: Towards a Scientific Research Agenda
Lior Tabansky
 3-2016 Erdoğan’s Turkey: An Unpredictable Partner for a Desperate EU?
Joakim Parslow
 2-2016 Ten Propositions about the US and the Middle East
Steven Simon

The Migration Challenge from MENA: Considering the EU's Struggles
James H. Wyllie




A timeline for the conflict and war in Ukraine
Geir Flikke. Foreword by Tor Bukkvoll

 3-2015 The 2015 Leangkollen Conference: Opening Speech & Keynote Speech
Erna Solberg; Alexander Vershbow
 1-2015 Crimea and the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict
Anton Bebler
 1-2014 What Now, Little England? Prospects for the Forthcoming Scotland and EU Referendums
Øivind Bratberg
 1-2013 Engaging with Islamists: A New Agenda for the Policy Community
Mona Kanwal Sheikh
 3-2012 US Shale Oil Revolution and the Geopolitics of Oil
Trygve Refvem
 2-2012 NATO's Influence in the Near Abroad
Oktay Bingöl
 4-2011 Conflict or coincidence of interest
Liana Jervalidze
 3-2011 Breaking down the remaining walls: Prospects for EU-NATO co-operation
Alister Miskimmin
 2-2011 Russia in NATO
Charles A. Kupchan
 1-2011 Bringing war home
Ida Dommersnes
 4-2010 The Tragedy of small power politics
Asle Toje
 2-2010 Reconciling the nuclear renaissance with disarmament
Alex Bolfrass and Kelsey Hartigan
1-2010 Approaching the comprehensive approach
Dag Kristiansen
3-2009 Turkish Neo-Ottomanism: A turn to the Middle East?
Einar Wigen
1-2009 Between Reluctance and Necessiy: The Utility of Military force in Humanitarian and Development Operations
Robert Egnell
5-2008 Civil-military relations: No Room for Humanitarianism in comprehensive approaches
Stephen Cornish and Marit Glad
3-2008 NATO - Moldova/Israel/Ukraine
Dr. Gabanyi, Dr.Kogan, Dr. Begma & Igor Taburets
2-2008 Hearts, minds and guns: the Role of the Armed Forces in the 26st Century
UK Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup
1-2007 NATO and the Dialouge of Civilisations
Christopher Cooker
2-2007 Energy and Identity - Readings of Shtokman and NEPG
Jakub M. Godzimirski
4-2007 Defence as the Best Offence? Missile Defences and Nuclear Non-proliferation
Lars Van Dassen and Morten Bremer Mærli
7-2007 Threats to Progress of Democracy and Long Term Stability in Georgia
Liana Jervalidze

4-2006 Russian energy policy and its challenge to western policy makers
Keith Smith
4-2006 Oil and gas in The High North - A percpective from Norway
Ole Gunnar Austvik
8-2005 NATO going global_or almost
The Current Revolution in the Nature of Conflict

The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Norwegian Atlantic Committee. Alv Jakob Fostervoll, Jamie Shea, Chris Donnelly
6-2005 Coming home to Europe? Central and Eastern Europe in EU and NATO
Eastern Europe's silent revolution

Jahn Otto Johansen og Nils Morten Udgaard
4-2005 The naval Dilemma of the early 26st Century
Hans Olav Stensli
3-2005 What are the strategic challenges faced by Norway in the years to come? 
In the new types of conflict we face, how to define and defend humanitarian space?

The Norwegian Atlantic Committee's 40th annual Leangkollen Conferance. the Nobel Institute. Jørgen Kosmo and Jonas Gahr Støre
2-2005 The New Geopolitics of the North?
Jakub M. Godzimirski
5-2004 Coping with Vulnerabilities and the Modern society
Jan Hovden
2-2004 The Role of a Humanitarian Organization in an International Security Operation - a Basis for Cooperation or a Basis for Separation?
Jonas Gahr Støre
1-2004 If Effective Transatlantic Security Cooperation is the Question, Is NATO the Answer?
Stanley R. Sloan
5-2003 Norwegian Priorities for the Extended G-8 Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction
Asle Toje and Morten Bremer Mærli, NUPI
4-2003 Saddam's Power Base
Major John Andreas Olsen 
2-2003 Men and Machines in Modern Warfare
General Charles A. Horner (ret.)
1-2003 The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: Nuclear, biological and chemical warfare in the era of terrorism and “rogue” states
Morten Bremer Mærli
10-2002 ESDP and the non-EU NATO members
Bjørn Olav Knutsen
8-2002 Nuclear Terrorism: Threats, Challenges and Responses
Morten Bremer Mærli
7-2002 11 September 2001 and the shift in Russia’s policy towards NATO
Jakub M. Godzimirski
5-2002 Asymmetric Warfare and Terrorism – An Assessment
Nils Marius Rekkedal
1-2002 September 11th and its implications for EU and NATO
Christopher Coker
13-01 Facing the 26 century: New and old dilemmas for Norwegian foreign policy
Olav Riste
9-01 Russian Policy in the Baltic Sea Region in 2000-s: First Results and Future Prospects
Arkady Moshes
7-01 What are the strategic challenges Norway is facing in the High North?
Olav Orheim
6-01 Putin's Military Reform: 
Two Trajectories for the First Presidency

Pavel Baev

Security Brief



Security Policy Insight 


Weekly analysis

Only analysis that are published in English will be  published underneath. Bear in mind that the ingress of the analyses might be in Norwegian.



Magnus Petersson: The Future of Transatlantic Relations



Iselin Stensdal: China's Arctic Policy - what now? 

Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr: Chinese politics under Xi Jinping

Ian Bowers: NATO & Maritime Asia

Pavel K. Baev: Nuclear weapons come first for Russia