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The future and the face of the soldier

This week's analyses is written by brigadier Eldar Berli, commander of Brigade Nord. The brigade is currently engaged with the international winter exercise "Cold Respons 2016", and Berli explains why the army in the future still will be a human endeavour. Enjoy the reading!

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We are in the era of persistent conflict. Even with an on going technological revolution, credible and capable land forces will remain pivotal for future conflict resolution. In 2016, Cold Response summons 14 nations and 15000 personnel for high intensity training under arduous winter conditions in Norway.

Photo: Anette Ask, Norwegian Army.

Training in a cold weather environment enhances war fighting capabilities across the joint, interagency, inter governmental and multi national community. It reminds us of the rigors of land warfare and of the importance of interoperability and organizational acuteness. The effectiveness of future joint combined arms manoeuvre operations will continue to improve, amplified by modern technologies. In the future however, agile soldiers and competent military professionals are likely to find that war remains a human endeavour.

Our soldiers are the face of our unyielding will and in a clash of wills they are likely to endure.

Photo: Anette Ask, Norwegian Army.

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Brigadier Eldar Berli is commander of the Brigade Nord