Kate Hansen Bundt
General Secretary, tlf: 22 40 36 01

Bundt is a political scientist from the University of Oslo (1992). Her main field of interest include Germany's political development and role in Europe, the European integration process (EU), and the transatlantic relations (NATO). Bundt was a research fellow at the Humboldt University in East Berlin under the last year of the GDR regime. From 1990-1993 she was working at the Norwegian Institute of Foreign Affairs, then working for twelve years as head of research at the Research Foundation Europe program. After a period as an independent lecturer, writer and foreign commentator, she became the Secretary General of the Norwegian Atlantic Committee. In 2009 Bundt conducted Chief of Course 3 at the Defence College.      

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Aina Slinning
Information officer / acting office manager, tel: 22 40 36 00

Responsible for subscription and memberships, accounting, finance, administrative and personnel duties. In addition, Aina is responsible for study tours and courses in international politics.

Aina has a Master of Arts in Russian and Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian from the University of Oslo, and social science master's degree from the University of Tromsø, writing about counterinsurgency in Afghanistan. Aina has worked as a political consultant and also served 11 years in the military.


Marte Ziolkowski
Information Adviser, tel: (+47) 22 40 36 04

Responsible for arranging study tours, seminars, and supervising YATA..

BSc in Administration and Organisation Theory from the University of Bergen (2010), and an MSc in Politics and Government in the EU specializing in European Security and Defence from London School of Economics (2012). Her master thesis focused on the national strategic cultures of Germany, the United Kingdom, and France and their impact on European defence cooperation. Marte is a former member of the board of YATA Norway and was the Project Manager for the Nordic Security Conference 2013


Audun Reiby
Information Adviser, tel: (+47) 22 40 36 06

Responsible for communication. Editor and Web Editor.

B.A. in International Studies (2009) and History (2010) from the University of Oslo (UuO), M.Phil in Political Science (2012, UoO), as well as a MA in Chinese Studies from School of Oriental and African Studies (2013). Wrote his dissertation using a quantitative approach to study the impact of US public opinon on US China policy.


Chris Prebensen
Senior Advisor, tel: 22403607


Former Secretary General of DNAK. Has worked at DNAK since 1997. Master’s in History from the University of Oslo. Has previously worked for NATO, the Ministry of Defence, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




Øivind Stenersen
Historian and Author, tel: 22403608

Assists DNAK with the design of educational information pages that are used in schools, including Afghanistansiden, Fokus Nord, and Sikkerhetspolitiske aktører.

Øivind Stenersen has extensive experience as a teacher the middle-school and high-school in Ski. He has been the co-author of a number of textbooks and other non-fiction books on history. Stenersen has also been a visiting fellow at the Norwegian Nobel Institute and project team member at the Nobel Peace Center.


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