The Norwegian Atlantic Committee (DNAK) organizes an annual regional course in international politics in seven Norwegian cities. The goal is to offer updated lectures on current topics, by highly qualified experts on security, foreign, and defence policy to an audience that are unable to attend our Oslo-based seminars.The target group is teachers at high-school level, staff and students at universities, colleges, politicians on the regional level, civil service, media, and the military.

The courses are held in Tromsø, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Bodø, Kristiansand and Oslo with an average number of participant around 140 for each course.


The 2016 overreaching title is: "A changing world: opposing forces and crucial decisions", with the following speakers:

Professor Janne Haaland Matlary from the University of Oslo on NATO and security policy.

Associate Professor Franck Orban from Østfold University College on far-right politics in Europe and migration.

Author and historian Hans Olav Lahlum on the US presidential election 2016. 

Professor Rolf Tamnes from the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies on the defence of Norway. 


Read a 'news article' from Joint Warfare Center after our visit  there


Regional course in international politics at the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy in Trondheim, December 2015.